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Posting Reviews

How to share your experiences with the world about great halal places.

+ What kind of places can I review on Salam Advisor?

+ What should I include in my review?

+ What should I leave out of my review?

+ How do I edit one of my reviews?

+ How do I remove a review that I posted?

+ How do I report a business owner comment?

+ How do I share my reviews on other social media, like Facebook or Twitter?

+ How do I write a review?

+ How is the order or reviews determined?

+ What is a helpful vote?

+ What if I am offered a freebie in exchange of my review?

+ Where is my review?

+ Where can I find the reviews I posted?

+ Can a Halal place pay Salam Advisor to remove bad reviews?

- Can I report a review?

Salam Advisor is a community-driven site, and removing photos, reviews, or other user content is not something we take lightly. We generally allow users to stand behind their reviews, and will only remove a review if we believe it violates our Content Guidelines. We’ll send a message to your registered email when the content has been evaluated by our moderators, which may take several days. We’ll also notify the reviewer if their content is removed.

If you come across a review that you feel may violate Salam Advisor's guidelines, please let our moderators know by reporting .

Posting Photos

All you need to know about posting photos!

+ How do I add a profile photo to my member account?

+ How do I remove a profile photo to my member account?

+ How do I add or remove photos of a business?

Sharing content

+ How can I share Salam Advisor content on other social media, like Facebook or Twitter?

+ How can I invite my friends to join Salam Advisor?


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