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+ How do I claim my business page?

+ How can I manage my business page?

+ Why can’t some business pages be claimed?

+ How do I transfer my Salam Advisor business page to someone else?

+ How did my business information end up on Salam Advisor?

+ How do I add or remove photos of my Salam Advisor Business page?

+ How do I change the information on my Salam Advisor Business page?

+ How do I change the password for my Salam Advisor Business Account?

+ How do I change my business email address on my Salam Advisor member account?

+ What should I do if I get a negative review of my business?

- Should I ask my customers to write reviews on Salam Advisor?

We actually discourage halal places owners from asking their customers to write reviews. For one thing, most businesses tend to ask their happiest customers to write reviews, not the unhappy ones. These self-selected reviews tell only part of the story, and we do not think that is fair to consumers. We would much rather hear from members of the Salam Advisor community who are inspired to talk about their experiences without a business owner's encouragement.

Your best bet to get high quality and unbiased reviews about your business is to provide a memorable and amazing customer experience -- it has nothing to do with asking your customers to post on Salam Advisor.

Also, it should go without saying, but offering compensation or incentives in exchange for reviews is a violation of our Content Guidelines.

+ How do I relinquish ownership of my business page?


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